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"From all of us at the West Virginia municipal league: Thank You. Your performance was so much more than we could have ever expected or imagined. We have had such wonderful feedback from our guests that were able to attend your presentation. The feedback ranges from mind-blowing, outstanding, to some even stating life-changing. We would recommend you for any groups ranging from small or large numbers. You kept the audience entertained. You taught our guests how to reinvent themselves to achieve goals."  
Kristin Miller, West Virginia Municipal League

"...recommend the program especially having Jason tailor the presentation..."
“The best part was the ‘elimination’ of the ‘time’ management requirement and focus. I would recommend the program especially having Jason tailor the presentation to your company with specific outcomes.”
Kim Parlatti, Siemens Corp.

"...energetic, entertaining ...great presentation"
"Jason was very energetic, entertaining and had a great presentation. I learned the importance of writing down your goals and focusing on the top six items on your to do list."
Susan Caldwell, Element Materials, Daleville

"...loved being hypnotized..Jason gives practical advice..."
"My biggest Takeaway was the visualization process in creating your own future. I loved being hypnotized, it was relaxing and amazing. Jason gives practical advice and combined Magic,  Hypnosis visualization and mind reading."
Jamie Magee Rodan + Fields

"definite skeptic when the presentation started...when he released us from trance, I was energized..."
"I was a definite skeptic when the presentation started however when he told us to think of something that you wanted in our life, I immediately thought of peace. I can honestly say that when he released us from the trance, I was energized and my thinking was very clear.  I had not felt this good in a very long time. So what I took away was that the mind is a very powerful tool and I definitely need to learn how to use it for my well-being. I feel all employees should experience this as it will give them the feeling that they can succeed in anything that they try. I believe this would be a great way to get a positive feeling of motivation to workforce."
Kimberly Benson, HR director, City of Ravenswood

"...different than any other program they were used to experiencing..."
"As a regional director for the keystone mountain region of BBYO, I have the privilege of working with extraordinary teachers, entertainers, mentors, role models and more every day. Having the opportunity to bring Jason Christopher into one of our conventions was a great experience and our audience valued their time with Jason. In the lead up to our event he was excellent with communications and was clear of his intentions to learn about us so he would be able to connect a bit better. Our attendees loved the hypnotism part because it was different than any other program they were used to experiencing and to see their friends take part in such an interactive program. I absolutely recommend bringing Jason Christopher again in the future."
Andrew Exler, Regional Director, BBYO

"...kept the attention of the entire group..."
"Great message and very interesting. Positively kept the attention of the entire group. I love the suggestions on active goal-setting and dynamic thinking."
Scott Gates, Element Materials  Technologies, Wixom

"Book Jason Christopher!...loved the 'sleep secret'"
"Book Jason Christopher! I loved how the power of the mind was used to set patterns as well as the visualization process and the 'sleep secret.'"
Debbi Castogna,  Rodan + Fields

"...interactive, fun and of the best presentations I have ever experienced."
“Jason is interactive, fun, and relevant.  It was one of the best presentations I have ever experienced. I liked the areas of balance and the unbelievable magic tricks. Your crowd will be amazed!”
Neil T. McGovern, Pocono Mountain

"...combines entertainment with good material."
“[The presentation combines] entertainment with good material. People will feel good about the experience! The audience involvement was great.  I took away not ignoring important issues as well as monitoring and revisiting your goals often”
Mark Line,

"...entertaining with...a message."
"Jason is entertaining with an awesome message."
Sandra Frank, Element, Royal Palm Beach

" sleep secret."
"Jason was amazing with his intuitive perception of people. I love the no BS goalsetting and his sleep secret."
Natalie Rynard,  Rodan + Fields

"...outstanding presentation...wowed the audience..."
“RSVP's Triple "E" Series Seminar "Success Magic" was... magical! Thank you Jason Christopher for an outstanding presentation.  If I had to have one takeaway from Jason’s presentation it would be: ‘if something isn’t working, try something else, ANYTHING else’.  Jason does a great job combining humor and magic to teach a very valuable lesson—how to accomplish your goals. Jason Christopher wowed the audience at the RSVP Triple "E" Series Seminar, "Success Magic," illustrating core principals of success with magic, illusion and mind-reading feats. “
Hedy Bass, Director, RSVP

"...fantastic presentation and different perspective from what I've heard before."
“I liked the concept of ‘outcome’ management instead of ‘time’ management. It’s a fantastic presentation and different perspectives from what I’ve heard before. Well done.”
Susan Peoski, Premier Designs Jewelry, Altamonte Springs, FL.

"...interactive and keeps you engaged..."
"Jason is interactive and keeps you engaged and entertained the entire time."
Tim Esaau, Element Materials, Monroe

"...perfect for taking your team to the next level with real life strategies..."
Jason’s presentation is perfect for taking your team to the next level with real life strategies you can use for personal and business.
Claire Valenti, Rodan + Fields

"...informative and entertaining  Book Jason Christopher!"
"I really enjoyed your presentation last week. It was both informative and entertaining  Book Jason Christopher! I liked that he used illusions to illustrate various points for the seminar”
Dr. Darryl L. Groves, Diamond Total Wealth, LLC

"...Very entertaining, informative..."
“I would highly recommend Jason’s Presentation. [It was] Very entertaining, informative and you will not be disappointed”
Deb Reed, Juice Plus

"...very entertaining while delivering a very solid message..."

"Jason was very entertaining while delivering a very solid message of self-motivation and personal improvement."
Jeffrey Smith, Element Materials Technology, Cleveland
"...personal, entertaining, interesting..."
"Jason is personal, entertaining, interesting, and smart. The power of positive thinking was a huge take away from the presentation."
Kristin Franzen  Rodan + Fields

"...your message is PROFOUND."
“Book Jason Christopher for the Keynote, plus a follow up, full-day workshop. Jason, your message is PROFOUND. The best item I took away from Jason’s presentation was the power of detailed visualization with a deadline. Thank you!”
Larry Witzleben, LMT, Inc.

"...recommend his presentation highly!”
“I loved Jason’s use of outcome management and absolutely would recommend his presentation highly!”
Margaret Barnes , Olde Town Brokers, Inc

"...wonderful job captivating our group..."
"Jason Christopher did a wonderful job captivating our group and I would recommend him"
Kristie Flower,   Rodan + Fields

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