Presentation & AV Needs - Unique_Speaking

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Jason's Audio Visual (AV) needs are minimal.

He simply requires:
  • A handheld AND hands-free wireless microphone. (Lapel Wireless Preferred)
  • A very small cocktail table for a few props (aprox. 2'x2')
  • For 'Psychological Aspects of Business' OR 'Stress Reduction for Professionals'-- 8 straight backed ARMLESS chairs centered on the stage or risers.  
  • For 'Success Magic!' OR "MindPower Unleashed'--1 chair on stage area.
  • If the client allows CD and book sales, there should be a 6' skirted table positioned either in the back of the room or right outside the door of the ballroom.

Companies that have benefitted from Jason Christopher:
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