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Jason Christopher is a speaker, author, and info-tainer specializing in success strategies, goal-setting, stress reduction and marketing.

What is an 'info-tainer'?
We're glad you asked! Jason combines information on his topics along with entertainment to make sure your group leaves not only informed, but also entertained. For the past 3 decades Jason has been a full time performer and uses that knowledge of the stage to educate and entertain your group in unique way.  

Jason has developed one of the most talked about presentations in the country—combining messages with dramatic demonstrations of mind-reading, stage hypnosis and comedy to create a unique and memorable experience for his clients. A partial list of his clients include: The Home Depot, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Bayer, Siemans and Saks 5th Avenue.

Armed with a degree in Business Administration from Robert Morris University, Jason Brings his experience to the corporate arena. Here, Jason combines magical presentations with powerful success and motivational messages to create dynamic presentations that inspire management, staff and employees.

Not only will you be motivated, you'll have access to audience takeaways that your group can actually implement. He produces learner outcomes designed to get your group to take action! The single most important key to success, in Jason's opinion.
He's the author of the books: ‘Ultimate Motivation! Proven Mental Strategies Top Achievers Use to Get What They Want’ and 'How To Hypnotize Yourself Into Happiness'.

Jason also instructs other people from around the world how to use hypnosis to help them over come limiting beliefs with products and consulting on :

 ·       Weight Loss

·       Pain Control

·       Smoking Cessation

·       Banishing Insomnia

·       Stress Relief

·       Confidence

·       Memory and Concentration Improvement

·       Curing fears like: Heights, Sharks, The Water, Spiders, Public Speaking, Storms, Flying and more.

Jason currently lives outside of Pittsburgh PA, enjoys performing, tennis, wine making and marketing.
Companies that have benefitted from Jason Christopher:
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