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  Hypnosis show DVD (this is a copy of the LIVE show you attended). I typically only keep them archived for 30 days, so it it's beyond that, call toll free 1-888-255-0662 to insure we still have it BEFORE placing your order! $25.00 (includes s/h)     Order Here
  Hypnosis Show Tickets--you will be sent an email asking which show you're looking for so we send you the correct tickets... reply to that email. $10.00 (includes s/h)     Order Here
Stop Smoking CD--Stop Smoking and feel great. Get healthy by using this very successful Smoking Cessation CD! $24.97 Plus $3 s/h     Order Here
Loose Weight CD--Re-program your thoughts about diet and lifestyle changes. Positive affirmations and goal visualizations towards a healthier lifestyle. $24.97 Plus $3 s/h     Order Here
Pain Control CD--Pain Relief, Pain Management and Pain Control using Hypnosis. Ease and alleviate major pain and find relief from discomfort using powerful techniques in the privacy of your own home. $24.97 Plus $3 s/h     Order Here
Banish Insomnia CD--Go to sleep easily and develop the habit of going to sleep fast with this hypnosis CD $24.97 Plus $3 s/h     Order Here
Stress Release CD--The relationship between stress and illness is real. Stress is a learned behavioral response which can be changed at the subconscious level. Learn how to let go of stress and tension easily. $24.97 Plus $3 s/h     Order Here
Build Confidence CD--If you'd like to feel more confident when dealing with others and feel better about yourself, then it's very possible you need an injection of Confidence, Self-esteem and Assertiveness using this CD. $24.97 Plus $3 s/h     Order Here
Improve Memory & Concentration CD--This self hypnosis CD will assist you in improving your concentration and focus. You will be amazed at how effective and easy your concentration will improve. $24.97 Plus $3 s/h     Order Here
  SPECIAL: Buy 2 CD'S get 1 FREE, PLUS I'll even pay for the shipping! (you will be sent an email asking which 3 CD's you want. Simply reply to that email and we'll send you the correct 3 CD's) $49.94 (Plus $0 s/h)   Order Here

(DO NOT click each CD if you want to order more then 1 CD, you MUST use the link in this box)     Order Here

  The Whole Enchilada--get ALL 7 Self Help CD's and a FREE copy of the book "All About Hypnosis" for only ... Only $97.00 (Plus $15.45 Priority mail shipping) That's a $186.79 Value! You Save $89.79!!!

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  The Five Steps Of Self Hypnosis (2 CD Set)--Jason, I want to improve my _____, become better at ____, and boost my ____. With this 2 CD SET, YOU learn the secrets of SELF HYPNOSIS and can literally plug in WHATEVER you want to ACHIEVE on your own. I walk you through step by step on how to hypnotize yourself!   Only $49.97 and YOU have the lifetime rights to listen and use as many 'self help' programs you want to create! 

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Instant Fear Cure! This could be my most awe-inspiring offer. How would you like me to personally eliminate ANY Fear that you have with one phone call and in less than 30 minutes? Sounds amazing right? Order now and I guarantee I'll cure your fear!  Do you have a fear of Heights, Water, Spiders, Public Speaking, Sharks, Doctors, Needles, Enclosed Spaces, Flying, Rejection? Anything at all I'll work with you to cure that fear. It's live phone call/consultation with me and is 100% money-back guaranteed.  Only $197.00. After your order you will be contacted via email for 3 best dates/times to reach you and we'll pick the best date/time for both of us. The fear is greatly reduced or cured by the end of our call or you don't pay! Price may go up at any time. 

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All About Hypnosis, A Modern Hypnosis Guide


Jason Christopher

In this 24 page book you'll learn (as the title notes) All About Hypnosis:

*What Hypnosis Is

*Myths About Hypnosis

*How Hypnosis Works

*How To Hypnotize Yourself

AND INCLUDES: Sample Suggestions on Weight Loss and Stress Reduction that YOU can use!

$12 Plus $1 shipping/handling

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