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 "How to Easily & Quickly Raise Hundreds Or Thousands Of Dollars For Your School Or Organization With Virtually Zero Work On Your Part, Guaranteed."

ďThe Crowd loved it and thought you were amazing...the interaction with the crowd was wonderful [and] I a had a ton of compliments on how your enthusiasm was great. Pier [the fire hall manager] has had many shows in that venue and has said that you were the best he has ever seen.

Darby Zerbini--Westmoreland Rotary Club

Dear Fundraiser Organizer,

Hello, My name is Jason Christopher. I'm a professional entertainer and fund-raiser who has created dynamic shows that are designed to turn incredible family fun into hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your organization's needs! 

Over the last couple of years I noticed that I was getting more and more requests for free shows. Quite frankly, with the economy the way it is, I can understand why. It took me a bit of racking my brain to come up with a way that I could give these organizations a show AND help them raise much needed funds at the same time! 

My 'Ah Ha!' Moment!

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks! What if I could offer them a way where I could give them an entertaining show, a night out, AND help them make money at the same time! A true WIN/WIN situation. THAT'S why I developed the Fantastic Fundraiser (tm) options!

Here you'll discover THREE entertaining fundraiser options. No more carwashes, food sales (hoagies, cookies, pizza, candy) or wrapping paper selling.  The three options are: 

1) my comedy magic show fundraiser

2) my comedy stage hypnosis show fundraiser

3) my night at the races program--go here :  www.makemoneywithraces.com 

My Amazing No-Risk Offer To Your Organization 

My fund-raising programs are incredibly fun and 2 of them require very little work on your part to succeed. In fact, my program may be the easiest way to make big and easy profits for your organization that youíll find!  At one my recent fundraiser's I talked to a company that makes hoagies for organizations for fundraisers. He charges the organization $3.25 to make the sandwiches and the organization sells them for $6.50. They only MAKE $3.25 on each unit sold. That didn't seem like much to me. With this program you can make anywhere from $5 to $10 per person and after a certain level is hit, you get ALL the profits!!

"...the easiest fundraiser my student council has put on all year...and was virtually effortless on our part"

"The Jason Christopher Fundraiser was virtually the easiest fundraiser my student council has put on all year...and was virtually effortless on our part. We were given all the needed materials, flyers, hand-outs and tickets we needed which we used directly and made the work hassle-free. It was wonderful. Jason was very helpful, patient & courteous, even going so far as giving us envelopes with stamps already on them to mail back to him. I would recommend this fundraiser to absolutely anyone. This fundraiser was extremely easy, fun and beneficial to our council. I would gladly do a project like this in the future any day. Jason's program raised a grand total of over $1,300. "

Rose Ann Fulena--Union High School

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How does it work? Well, I've put together a complete a FREE INFORMATION KIT that is available to you. Simply call my 24-hour toll free recorded message line at 888-255-0662 or email me at  Jason@bookjasonchristopher.net with your mailing address and ask for the fundraiser report and I'll rush out the kit via first class mail ASAP! You can also fill out the form below now and your information will be mailed to you)


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Included in the report is everything you need to know including:

* My exclusive hassle-free technique to promote this fundraiser
* How to increase your profits above and beyond the basic fundraiser
* The best way to make sure TONS of people come to the show
* My special "lead-in" to the fundraiser that keeps your event on the top of mind of your students, staff and members
* The two main things you must ask ANY fundraiser that you are considering.

My FREE REPORT will give you all the details and you're under no obligation. Call the 24 toll free recorded message line at: 888-255-0662 today! Really, you have absolutely nothing to loose by just asking for more information, right? It will give you the full details of my fundraising program and we'll see that this is something that will work for you and your organization.

I promote these shows in the tri-state area and average about 16-20 other shows a month. I donít want you to wait and be disappointed. 

Yours for e-a-s-y money,

Jason Christopher

P.S. Donít wait and let this simple plan pass your school and organization by. You have NOTHING to loose by just requesting information and possibly hundreds of dollars to gain. Call today (888) 255-0662 for your free information kit or email me today for your free kit at  Jason@bookjasonchristopher.net  

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